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ESS 30611 - Section 01: Tutoring in the Community (CRN 10146)

Course Description:
ESS 30611 is a one credit seminar for students who are tutoring in the South Bend community. This seminar will provide tutors with an opportunity to explore the social, economic, and cultural forces that influence the lives of their students. Tutoring in the Community will give tutors the tools they need to analyze beliefs and pedagogy, improve instruction, and foster development in South Bend school children in need.

Associated Term: Fall Semester 2018
Campus: Main
Credits: 1
Grade Mode: Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory
Course may not be repeated

Must be enrolled in one of the following Levels:
Employee Non-Degree (EM) ,  St. Mary's College (SM) ,  Undergraduate Non-Degree (UD) ,  Undergraduate (UG)
Must be enrolled in one of the following Campuses:
Main (M)

Course Attributes:
ESEI - MEDS Education-Focused ,  ZCSC-Commnty Engagmnt Course

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Instructor's Description of Course » Masters, Nancy » ESS  30611 - Section 01:  Tutoring in the Community (CRN 10146)
This section presents the instructor's preliminary design of the course. It is intended to help students gain a general sense of what the course will be like.
Course Objectives
Students will be able to plan and implement successful tutoring sessions.
Students will identify the social, economic and cultural forces that influence the lives of the students they tutor.
Students will develop an advanced understanding of reading instruction that will support the growth and development of their students as literacy learners.
Students will develop skills in the areas of literacy instruction, discipline, management, multiculturalism and motivation.
Additional Instructor Comments
This course is designed for students who tutor in the South Bend community. Students interested in tutoring may contact the professor to secure a tutoring position.
Use of Class Time Extent (0-3 scale)
Class discussions or case study reviews
Cooperative learning (small groups)
Lecture: present material not in the readings
Lecture: review/elaboration of reading material
Field trips, experiential learning, or site visits/immersions (during or in lieu of class time)
In-class exercises, simulations/games, or problem set work
Instructor demonstrations
Movies, audio tapes, web clips, etc.
Museum or library visits
Student presentations
Kinds of Assignments or Learning Activities Emphasis (0-3 scale)
Class attendance
In-class participation
1-2 page essays, arguments, reflection papers, or question sets
Experiential learning, field trips, or site visits
Group student presentations
Individual student presentations
Types of Reading Materials Extent (0-3 scale)
Journal/research articles
Lecture notes or supplements
Other instructor-written handouts
Scholarly books, monographs, or other non-fiction texts
Trade publications
Case studies, court cases, or precedents
Exercise or problem sets collection
Reference materials
Role of teaching assistants (TAs)
Not at all
Enrollment History » ESS 30611 Tutoring in the Community (CRN 10146)
Enrollment over the last three years
Course was recently taught in FA15, SP16, FA16, SP17, FA17, SP18
Average number of students: 3
Composition of Students First Year Soph Junior Senior/5th Grad/Prof
Arts and Letters   33%   11%  
Business       11%  
Science     22% 22%  

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